AMAZING: First Year of Pastoring!


I'm super grateful for my family. In the last year, we stepped out in faith with an amazing team of people to launch Impact Church. We walked away from a comfortable salary and emptied our savings account to give towards the start of this great church. Since most of our dear and long time friends were already committed to other churches, and we wanted to honor that, we reached out to new people we had no prior relationships with to form a team as the Lord led us.  So we began on faith with mostly people we had not known for a long time. There have been many sacrifices, but we are honored and grateful for the work God has done at Impact Church in such a short time. 


Over 200 people have been saved! Whether through our Sunday morning services, iGroups, Next Steps Classes or Marriage Nights, many lives have been transformed by the power of God. In less than a year, we are already a church that serves over 400 people, with weekly Sunday morning attendance of about 200-300. To God be all the glory. Our God is faithful. The team we get to serve with is world class! They are family! Though we had no prior relationships with most of our team before launching, they’ve become the greatest friends and simply family to us. We learn so much from them. It's been a joy pastoring and serving along side such a great group of people. Thank you Jesus!

14 Things That I Think Have Kept Us Going as a Family:

  1. Daily prayer individually, as a couple, and as a family and with prayer partners (lots of prayer)
  2. Eating dinner together regularly as a family 
  3. Michelle and I taking individual time to rest and unwind (Rest). I rest on Monday mornings and Michelle goes out on Monday night (without kids) to a cafe somewhere to relax to a latte and a magazine!
  4. Our family staff meeting organizes our life and reduces and defuses stress. Every Thursday morning, Michelle and I do what we call a “Family Staff Meeting” where we talk about everything needed to organize our lives.
  5. Family time all throughout the week around our busy schedule. Even though our huge chunk of family time is on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons, we take an hour here, two hours there all through out the week. Especially before and after dinner.  
  6. Praying for the people we serve with every week makes our love grow for them. It's easy to serve alongside people you love and truly care for. You will automatically feel a bond of connection with people you pray for. It’s impossible to despise people you pray for.
  7. Weekly meetings with our team leaders. I trust our team leaders and I release them to lead without being micro managed. We are able to pastor well because they take responsibility for their departments and they own them. They are simply GREAT at what they do. We feel humbled to work with such excellent leaders. I want to honor all the Impact Team Leaders and iTeam Members. Because of you, many are being impacted with the Gospel. Because of you, the load has not been unbearable. 
  8. I prepare my messages months in advance. This allows me to spend time and enjoy my family without pressure
  9. Spending time weekly praying with my pastor and prayer partner provides a lot of life. I spend my Thursdays at Jubilee Church praying with Pastor Matt Thompson and then I write songs with one of my best friends Phil Thompson. I receive great mentoring from Pastor Matt. Grateful!
  10. We hang out with Michelle’s family a lot in Haverhill, MA, and this gives us life.
  11. We FaceTime my parents back home in Malawi, Africa and they are a huge source of life. My father is my Bible professor and teacher. Mom is my anchor. Mom and dad pray for Michelle and I, our kids, and our team at Impact daily. Mom also has a women's weekly prayer group that just prays for my family. My dad has literally hired people to do nothing but to pray for my family and I. (Prayer protects us) 
  12. I regularly go spend time with my Bishop and covering, Bishop G.A Thompson. He is my spiritual father, a great man of God, a brilliant mind, and a huge source of life to me. I am blessed to have such a once in a life time opportunity!
  13. Michelle and I work hard on our marriage. It's more important than anything else we do after our relationship with God. In the midst of our busy schedules, we fight for our date nights and quality time together.
  14. Lastly, having an attitude of gratefulness sustains us. We truly consider it a privilege to serve. We love Jesus first. We are not married to our church. Jesus comes first, then our family. Impact Church and everything else is a bonus. We are grateful that God chose us to serve His people.

First year of pastoring has been fun! It has been a lot of work (A LOT) but it has been a joy living in obedience to God. It has been fulfilling to see lives changing and impacted by Jesus. We believe that the second year will be EVEN GREATER: Year of acceleration, explosion and exponential growth. To God be the glory! Thank you to our family and friends. Thank you to our Bishop, pastors and covering. Thank you to the amazing Impact Church team leaders. Thank you to all those who serve on iTeams. You are selfless and Kingdom minded. Thank you to all those who give to the vision. Many are being saved and impacted because of you. Thank you to all those that attend Impact every Sunday! You are family! Let's live for God! Let's live to bring Him glory! Let's win the world for Jesus! That's what its all about. 

Zenzo Matoga

Impact Church, Pastor.