11 things to do to prepare for Easter


  1. Take time to plan out your whole week. Do a check list for everything you have to accomplish; then allocate the tasks to the days in which you will accomplish them. 
  2. Take time to pray and meditate. Pray for God to bless your week and help you be productive. Break away from the chaos and the planning and spend time with God--refueling yourself.
  3. Take time for yourself. Stop and catch an old movie that makes you laugh that you've not seen in a long time. Take evening walks, hit the gym... reflect on the true meaning of Easter.
  4. Take time for your family. Include some family time as you plan your week. A short hour having ice cream together or walking on the beach can be a major deposit that sustains your family on a busy week like this one.
  5. Take time for your spouse. Replenish your spouse’s emotional tank with small little deposits of quality time. Avoid dealing with issues that have been a source of conflict and just focus on building one another. 
  6. Take time to rest. Fight for 8-hour night sleep throughout the week. Don't wait until the night before Easter to get a good night’s rest. Rest is all about cumulative value. 
  7. Take time to shop. Traffic will be crazy the closer you get to the weekend. Try to be done with all your shopping by Thursday. All the nice Easter outfits you need, makeup, as well as groceries.  
  8. Take time to prepare all your clothes three days leading up to Easter Sunday. Which means have everything you will wear Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
  9. Take time to prepare your weekend meals in advance. Take time on Friday or Saturday morning to prepare all the meals you will need to last you until Sunday night.
  10. Take time to prepare to serve. Go through your church assignments in advance. Practice and rehearse; prepare way in advance. 
  11. Take time to serve others. The essence of Easter is all about sacrifice. Jesus showed us this great example. Allocate some time to doing something good for those who are less fortunate. Take the focus away from yourself. It will replenish your soul.