Our vision is lived out in these 4 goals


Our services are designed with 3 simple purposes: 1. For you to ENCOUNTER Jesus personally through passionate worship 2. For you to hear the life-changing message of Jesus in a fresh and clear way 3. For you to be taught the word of God with simplicity and relevance, causing you to become a leader in your sphere of life. Our desire is for you to become a follower of Jesus Christ and to discover your life given purpose. 


We are crazy about relationships! Our desire is that you connect, make friends, become part of this great family, and learn and grow spiritually in the process. In an iGroup you will be able to build relationships and make our new church feel connected. You’ll connect with people in a similar stage of life, or with similar interests. Together, you’ll build community, foster spiritual growth, and also HAVE FUN in the process. 


iTeams are a great opportunity for you to relate and fulfill a life of impact through serving. With our vision of excellence, it will take a lot of people to pull off what we do. Impact Church is not made possible by a small group of gifted people but by the sacrifices of all of us a family. We have great areas where you can serve and find fulfillment - Production, iKidz, Guest Services, Hospitality, and more. And through our quick but thorough training program, you will feel knowledgeable and comfortable in your role on your team


iMission’s is not so much about mission trip’s overseas (even though we will have lot’s of those as well). iMission’s is about training and empowering people who become saved in our iServices to become missionaries to their own families, neighborhood’s, cities and sphere's of influence. iMission’s is about equipping and commissioning people to start for-profit and non-profit organizations and ministries that impact societies one person at a time, locally, nationally, and globally. Our goal is to turn church members into powerful agents of change in our world who advance the Kingdom of God through tangible and practical ideas and vision. We are dedicated to training people to discover and live out there purpose in life--impacting people’s lives in the process.